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Fashion and Luxury - iiGlobal

The iiGlobal Fashion and Luxury Brands conference will revolutionise innovative ideas by generating sustainable practises in Fashion and Luxury Brands. This highly-interactive and information packed event will highlight global case studies from some of the finest.

BILLMILL Show 2012
India’s largest event showcasing luxury items exclusively for the highly affluent is set to make its debut in India. This one stop exclusive shopping extravaganza ranging all luxury products will help visitors covers all aspects of luxury living. The show allows exclusive access to limited edition luxury items and private auctions in an interesting themed setting which allows them to browse items in private and relaxed surroundings. This event combines the elements of extraordinary entertainment and unique hospitality and brings together the key players from the industry of opulence and showcases the finest luxury products the world has to offer, exhibitors can be assured that this is the event that will attract the High Profile visitors from India.